I cannot sleep

now it is only one night befor my first concert

Meat at the Milky Way - drums

Amateur and Keyboard

Where is Milky Way

today we will move to Milky Way

for going there you need a stage manager and a driver

elivator to Milky Way

where is Meat?? I can only find a drawing from himyou need as well an elivator in Milky Way...there are a lot of possibilities and there is Meat


it is very difficult to become a concert specialist
my head is full
my life is rehearsing, rehearsing........

sometimes I think back, dream myself away to NY where I was an amateur , happy and free

Amateur nearly drowned in rehearsals

real drums...that is a dream...

after listening to Meats superslideskills, I now have to go into fine-keyboard-tuning

horsethoughts are helping me

Meat says that sometimes it is important to put of your shoes

My second rehearsal with Meat

uhh...so this is the beginning of making music

My first rehearsal with Meat

This is Meat

Good bye Big Apple

.... if i have learned enough...i do not know...but i will leave to meet my Meat

what a long way....

meat is somewhere behind the clouds

...will he come to the airport...??

... my heart beats ...

only one more night

and then I will
to see Meat

swinging blue sticks

Wall of Fame

amateur (before, not on wall of fame) is looking for famous possibilities of style and posing!

a tie, too oldschool

remember: don't look too smart

huge guitars are mighty impressive

prepare a look like getting into french kissing at once

i like to wear everything!

a belt is making sexy hips

being in love with the ones you jam with

looking like lucy in the sky

the beard! the hat!!

memo: watches are not cool for rockstars

cool and sexy posing....

GOT IT!!!!

Manny and my search for rhythm

... I am taking the next step....

... from the sound of Tac and Tics....

... to beautiful, horseblue drumsticks!!

Watch out, neighbours!

rhythm is it

amateur is trying to find the rhythm.....

Round and round




amateurs first one-song-concert

far away from civilisation in the coney-island-desert i gave my first concert
that was very exciting
two persons came my way and one of them looked at me....jippie..
...now i want to do it every day....